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Arthur OlcotSQL Server Database Developer/Administrator. (MCITP Database Administration 2005 & 2008, MCITP Database Developer 2005 & 2008, MCDBA/MCSE). Background in developing OLTP/document based databases, SQLXML and performance tuning. Loves to read subject matter related books and blogs, but not a fast reader though!

I hope to create a number of interesting blogs dedicated to SQL server specifically around XML and performance and I welcome your feedback on the content or the website itself.

....I have an unhealthy fascination for the SQL query optimiser!!

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  • Using indexed views on ANY core SQL server edition

    Tags: Indexes, Views, Execution Plans

    I was having a discussion the other day and was quite surprised to hear that there still appears to be a slight misconception regarding being able to use indexed views on web or standard editions of SQL server. As it stands the documentation clearly states that you can create and use indexed views on web, standard, BI and enterprise editions of SQL server (I’m ignoring developer + evaluation as they are the same as enterprise). You can create a view, materialise that view in the form of a … more

  • Thank You SQLBits!

    Tags: SQLBits

    Just a very quick post to say thank you to all the organisers, speakers, helpers, sponsors, venue staff, caterers, party entertainers, long suffering partners and anyone else involved with the event as it was a top, top few days.

    This was my 3rd SQLBits after Liverpool + Nottingham and in just this short time, it is plain to see how much it has grown and how popular it has become. The quality of each and every facet seems to be getting better at each event. There was ample of space to network, … more

  • Time for a change in career

    Tags: Career, Consulting

    A few months back I made the decision to leave the relative comfort and security of my permanent role and head into the world of contracting & consulting. Whilst a big decision and change for me, it is something that I’ve long wanted to do at some point during my career when the time was right. Don’t get me wrong; I could quite easily spend another 10 years where I am now as they are a great company to work for and the software they develop makes a difference to people. I’ve been given a lot … more

  • Deferred-drop tipping point

    Tags: Transaction Log, Internals

    I was intrigued by the deferred-drop feature that has been inside SQL since SQL Server 2000 SP3 after watching one of Paul Randal’s Pluralsight courses which was “Logging, Recovery and the Transaction Log”. The deferred drop feature is what allows for the seemingly instant truncation or drop of any table regardless of how big the table is. I wanted to find out a little more about it so after a quick Google, the number one result was this blog post from Paul which goes into the … more

  • Most important feature of SQL 2014

    Tags: SQL 2012, SQL 2014, Standard Edition, Memory

    There are a whole raft of cool new features in 2014 including things like In-Memory OLTP, increased Azure integration/options and a new cardinality estimation design to name a few. But for me, one of the most important features in 2014 is the increase in memory that standard edition can use has been increased from 64GB to 128GB.

    I currently work for an ISV and the software solutions developed there have been utilising SQL server ever since 2000 was released. As time went on, every time a new … more