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  • Most important feature of SQL 2014

    There are a whole raft of cool new features in 2014 including things like In-Memory OLTP, increased Azure integration/options and a new cardinality estimation design to name a few. But for me, one of the most important features in 2014 is the increase in memory that standard edition can use has been increased from 64GB to 128GB.

    I currently work for an ISV and the software solutions developed there have been utilising SQL server ever since 2000 was released. As time went on, every time a new …

  • Improved Backup/Restore to Azure in 2012 SP1 CU4

    I’ve been using the backup to azure feature for a short while now and I really like it. Shows I think as this is my 4th blog post on the subject this year! This feature has reduced my stress levels with regard to secure offsite backups. However, so far I have two gripes with it.

    Firstly, if there is an issue during the backup i.e. network connectivity for example, the lease on blob gets orphaned and there is no native way to release it. I recently blogged about it and how I have gone …

  • There is currently a lease on the blob and no lease ID was specified in the request

    I’ve been using the backup to Azure feature that shipped with SQL2012 SP1 CU2 and generally it works really well, but a couple of times I have had an issue where I wasn’t able to overwrite a previous backup file and received an error:

    Msg 3202, Level 16, State 1, Line 1Write on failed: Backup to URL received an exception from the remote endpoint. Exception Message: The remote server returned an error: (412) There is …

  • How to backup a SQL 2012 database directly to Windows Azure

    It has been a little while since I posted something and I’ve been meaning to finish off this blog for a few weeks now, but I have been a little busy with the arrival of my 2nd son (and have been distracted by my new Alienware laptop!)… Anyway I recently blogged about how cool I thought the new feature was in SQL 2012 SP1 CU2 which allows you to natively backup/restore databases with Windows Azure Storage. Recently I have been able to set this up with some of the on-premise production databases …

  • Backup SQL database directly to Azure Storage

    There is a new CU update for SQL 2012 SP1 and I noticed a very interesting new feature described in the documentation blogged here.

    This is one of two new improvements and it is described as:

    You can now directly create a backup to Windows Azure Storage using SQL Server Native Backup functionality. This will allow users to back up a SQL Server database on an on-premises instance or on an instance of SQL Server that is running in a hosted environment, such as the Windows Azure Virtual Machine. …

  • Denali

    Is all set to be officially known as SQL 2012 and will be finally released in....... 2012!

    Announced at the PASS Summit 2011, it is due to be released to manufactoring in the first half of next year.

    The other major announcement from PASS was Microsoft actively supporting the Hadoop project.