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  • Just Wow!! features

    Over the years with each release I’m often impressed by some of the features contained in SQL server but every so often, I start to use a feature that I haven’t used before and I’m blown away by just how good that particular feature is. Sometimes it is the sheer power/flexibility of the feature that impresses me or sometimes it is ease or simplicity of implementing that feature. Because of the strength of the product, we all come to expect a host of new features with …

  • Script to analyse space usage by your Service Broker

    I believe that service broker is one of the best features from SQL server 2005, well along with the xml data type, and I use service broker a lot for messaging between solutions. Over the years it has proven to be extremely reliable; only really stopping because of a poison message or other environment type issue outside the control of the broker.

    Service broker itself uses a number of internal tables which it uses to store details regarding conversations and routing, and there are also any …

  • Pro SQL Server 2005 Service Broker

      Service Broker, Book

    Publisher: Apress

    Format: Paperback

    I heard some great things about service broker and it seemed ideal to some development projects that I was getting involved with. This book seemed to fit the bill perfectly to help me take what little knowledge I had about service broker to the next level and it didn't disappoint.

    The first few chapters were great and are a must read for any developer getting into service broker. It goes through the basics of setting up service broker and goes into detail about how the messaging works. My …