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  • Pluralsight = Essential Training

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    I've been aware of Pluralsight for a couple of years and as I’m always looking for very cheap or free ways to learn I made a resolution to check out Pluralsight this year to see what the crack is. That task was made a whole load easier thanks to Paul Randal passing on a free 1 month pass as part of one of his recent blog posts. So I signed up, watched a couple of courses and to say that I’m damn impressed with the site is an understatement.

    I read a lot of blogs and I’ve got … more

  • SQLBits XI Agenda Announced

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    The agenda for the SQLBits event in May was announced today and after a quick look earlier today, it looks like there is a great choice covering a wide range of topics both in and around SQL server. Understandably there are a number of sessions on Azure, about 5 or 6 I think, which shows one of the main themes at the moment happening in the real world. I’m a big fan of Azure and the cloud and have been embracing it for various things where I work. For myself I can only see bigger adoption … more

  • SQLBits XI - My second most eagerly awaited event of 2013...

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    I bet you are half wondering what is the first? Well that would be the birth of my second child which due in March so you could say that SQLBits XI is my most “professional” eagerly awaited event of 2013.

    Last Friday I was just about to head off to get some lunch at around 12 and I just happened to look up at my emails and saw the email that I had been waiting weeks to see. That was the email saying that SQLBits registrations has now opened. I didn’t hang around at this point. … more