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  • Using XQuery to transform multiple xml nodes to a single xml node with comma separated string value

    Not another comma separated string blog post I hear you say! I know that this topic has probably been done to death but I hope that this is a little different as it is about creating a single xml node containing a comma separated string from the values of multiple other xml nodes all within an XQuery expression.

    Recently I’ve been working on some xml migrations using XQuery and one of the many types of transformations that I had to do was to take a number of identically named xml nodes …

  • Moving xml child elements to its parent using XQuery

    I haven’t been able to do much XQuery development recently which is a shame as I love developing with the technology in SQL. In the past I used to work with xslt’s a lot and they immensely powerful, but since moving to xquerying in SQL, it is now my first choice for quick xml transformations. Especially if the XML is already stored within the database and not externally.

    Lately though I have been involved in a data migration which also involved the transformation of a number of xml …