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  • Using Facebook to extend/enhance your blogging

    I read a blog a few months ago by Ramkumar Gopal (blog) in which he had setup a Facebook page to record and post things that he doesn’t want to create a blog post for. I thought this was a really good idea for a whole host of reasons, so much so I went ahead and setup a community Facebook page for myself as well.

    My blog, like many others, is syndicated to a couple of large SQL server sites so I’m quite careful with my blogging. I only blog once or twice a month (too busy to blog …

  • SQLBits XI recently announced

    When I saw an email from SQLBits announcing SQLBits XI in East Midlands in my inbox this morning, it simply made my day! Fantastic!!! I can’t wait now until the registration is open as I’ll be signing up as quickly as I can for the full event. I’m already seeking approval from my company for them to fund this as part of my training and development so that nothing delays from registering when it becomes available. Even if they say no I’ll fund this myself as this event is …