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  • Trello: An agile style kan-ban web app that really works

    I am no different to many others where I am being asked to work on various projects concurrently and expected to work through a long list of technical debt that needs addressing with our SQL databases. Throw in the usual day to day production issues as well and you get yourself a long list of jobs to do that have rapidly changing priorities. Now, we all aim to be productive and we all spend time trying ways to be more productive and finding ways to be really organised with our increasing …

  • Blogging: Controlling SPAM in Orchard CMS with OpenCaptcha

    When I started blogging last year, my first major decision was either to host my own site somewhere using a CMS type system or use an online blogging service like blogger for example. Ultimately, because I wanted to have quite fine grained control over my blogs and also the space to expand into other areas, I choose the hosting route and because I had heard good things about Orchard CMS, and the fact that it can use SQL CE as its database, I also opted to install Orchard v1.3.9

    Everything went …

  • Introduction to XML DML (Part 3) - Using the modify() method: delete

    This is the last part of a 3 part blog which will attempt to show some different ways of how you can use the xml modify() method to update the contents of an XML document. This part, starting at the absolute basics, will cover the ability to delete data in an existing XML document

    XML DML is an extension of the XQuery language that allows us to do in place updates of the contents of an XML document. XML DML is very flexible and most scenarios can be dealt with quite nicely with the use of the …