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  • Shredding a simple xml structure to a single row flat table

    I was helping out a user on the forums the other day where they were asking questions about shredding an xml structure of which they didn’t know the schema for. They wanted to know the best way about writing a generic function to shred any xml to a flat table. In the past I have used the XMLTable function developed and blogged by Jacob Sebastian to shred an xml structure and suggested this as a starting place for them. After posting that comment, it did get me thinking though that I could …

  • Command line to configure windows firewall for SQL server access

    I regularly deploy SQL Server to new Windows Server 2008 hosts and one thing that I find quite a chore is the wizard to configure the windows firewall on the host. So I done a quick bit of research today and found that the windows firewall can be configured from the command line very easily. Basically all you need to do is run the command prompt as an administrator and type/paste in the following:

    netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="SQL Server TCP1433-In" action=allow protocol=TCP …