SQLBits XI recently announced

By Art on November 14, 2012

When I saw an email from SQLBits announcing SQLBits XI in East Midlands in my inbox this morning, it simply made my day! Fantastic!!! I can’t wait now until the registration is open as I’ll be signing up as quickly as I can for the full event. I’m already seeking approval from my company for them to fund this as part of my training and development so that nothing delays from registering when it becomes available. Even if they say no I’ll fund this myself as this event is just too good to miss for anyone connected with SQL server.

I went to the full SQLBits 9 event in Liverpool and loved every minute of it, winning a limited edition XBox 360 during casino night in the process! I was gutted not to be able to go to SQLBits 10 in London but unfortunately I had double booked myself with another personal event. I did at that point make a commitment to myself to do what I could to make sure I went to SQLBits 11 and those that follow. And now it has been announced for next May! Whoop Whoop!. East Midlands is only about 2hrs drive for me straight up the M1 so fairly easy to get to as well which is just a bonus but to be honest, it doesn’t matter where it is in the UK.

If you have never gone to a SQLBits before and you are able to, I strongly urge that you try and go for at least one day of the event, you won’t regret it!