Thank You SQLBits!

By Art on July 25, 2014

Just a very quick post to say thank you to all the organisers, speakers, helpers, sponsors, venue staff, caterers, party entertainers, long suffering partners and anyone else involved with the event as it was a top, top few days.

This was my 3rd SQLBits after Liverpool + Nottingham and in just this short time, it is plain to see how much it has grown and how popular it has become. The quality of each and every facet seems to be getting better at each event. There was ample of space to network, chill or roam at the venue and everywhere seemed to be a nice ambient temperature even though it was pretty hot outside on the Thursday + Friday. Food delivery was bang on and only took a matter of moments to queue and get your lunch/refreshments. Sessions were plentiful, wide ranging and delivered well by both seasoned and new speakers alike.

And the party, well, simply WOW!.. that’s one I’ll remember for a very long time. So much to do, eat, drink and play it was past my bedtime before I knew it. The party organisers should be damn proud of what they achieved there.

Other than SQLBits 5 which was held in Wales, all of the events have been hosted in England, so it’ll be interesting how many more events are held before SQLBits travels west across the waters to Ireland or the other way into Europe somewhere (or even on the waters as per the feedback survey). I’d actually quite like to see SQLBits in Europe somewhere as I’d tie it all in with a vacation with the missus seeing as partners are welcome at the Friday night party.

I’ve thought long and hard at things to improve following on from this event, but I really struggled to think of anything I didn’t like such was the quality of the event. One suggestion I made on the feedback survey was the potential for a 90 minute spotlight session or two by renowned speakers. I know that it’ll might make the timetable a little trickier to work out, but a 90 minute deep dive by a world class speaker would be pretty awesome.

Additionally with the number of session abstracts being submitted, I do wonder if there is the potential to make it a four day event! Hopefully one day not before too long eh nudge, nudge!?..


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