Updated blog Site

By Art on November 12, 2014

This post is mainly to test the syndication still works correctly from my heavily updated web/blog site so apologies for the non-SQL nature of it.

Finally after promising myself to do so since late 2013, I’ve actually got around to updating my blog site to the latest version of Orchard. I was running quite an old version and had to work through a number of issues to get it all working with the latest version hence keep putting it off! After a couple of days of mainly deleting incompatible modules and tracking down some bad data in the SQL CE database I’ve been able to apply a new theme and get it to a point where I’m happy with it for now. Orchard CMS is pretty good but if your installation goes wrong it can be a bit frustrating to work through the faults and making some sense of the stack traces to get an idea of where the issue is. To fix one issue I got to the point of having to get the source code and step through it to pinpoint the bad data in the database and then use SQL Compact Query Analyzer to update it.

Anyway, none of the URL’s should have changed nor the RSS link and over the next few weeks [months!] I’ll be tidying up some of the posts especially the code sames to make them look a little more consistent and tidying up the tags as well.