Tag: C#

Creating cards in Trello via the REST API and parsing the returned JSON all in a SQL CLR
By Art on November 12, 2014

I recently blogged about how good I thought Trello was and shortly afterwards I found out that they did provide a full read/write RESTful API. Awesome! After a bit of thought I realised that I should be able to use the API to create new cards in Trello from within SQL by simply calling a CLR procedure and I could […]

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Convert UK Postcode to Latitude/Longitude/Northing/Easting using SQL CLR
By Art on September 25, 2014

Just a quick post this time. I had a requirement to convert a small number of UK based postcodes to their latitude/longitude locations so I could use that data within some Tableau dashboards that I’m working on. I had a look around to see what I could find and quickly found both sites that exposed an API to do lookups […]

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