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Deferred-drop tipping point
By Art on May 31, 2014

I was intrigued by the deferred-drop feature that has been inside SQL since SQL Server 2000 SP3 after watching one of Paul Randal’s Pluralsight courses which was ‘Logging, Recovery and the Transaction Log’. The deferred drop feature is what allows for the seemingly instant truncation or drop of any table regardless of how big the table is. I wanted to […]

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SQLBits XI – My second most eagerly awaited event of 2013…
By Art on January 17, 2013

I bet you are half wondering what is the first? Well that would be the birth of my second child which due in March so you could say that SQLBits XI is my most ‘professional’ eagerly awaited event of 2013. Last Friday I was just about to head off to get some lunch at around 12 and I just happened […]

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