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Updated blog Site
By Art on November 12, 2014

This post is mainly to test the syndication still works correctly from my heavily updated web/blog site so apologies for the non-SQL nature of it. Finally after promising myself to do so since late 2013, I’ve actually got around to updating my blog site to the latest version of Orchard. I was running quite an old version and had to […]

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Using Facebook to extend/enhance your blogging
By Art on November 22, 2012

Edit (04-Apr-2017) I have since deactivated my Facebook account for the time being but I shall leave this blog post active as I still believe the post is fair reflection on the subject I read a blog a few months ago by Ramkumar Gopal (blog) in which he had setup a Facebook page to record and post things that he […]

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Blogging: Controlling SPAM in Orchard CMS with OpenCaptcha
By Art on February 16, 2012

Edit (03-Apr-2017) Orchard has moved on a lot since this was written and as such it is somewhat out of date. I have removed the links to the example code, but left the blog here for prosperity When I started blogging last year, my first major decision was either to host my own site somewhere using a CMS type system […]

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